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Chris Ravana


Born in Los Angeles, CA

Bachelor of Science, Interior Design, Colorado State University


Transitioning from an event production career into interior design has brought a different perspective to my work. I have 10 years of  experience in the stage and set production field which I am currently still involved. My almost 20 years of work experience in varying skilled trades has taught me how to deal with many different types of people. I have also learned to manipulate a wide range of materials and have built strong relationships with vendors and fabricators. My production career has required me to work some long hours including 21 hour days and 110 hour weeks. I am not afraid to get dirty or work until the job gets done. My studies in environnmental psycology and sustainable design are always embedded in my work. My years spent on professionally lit sets and stages is another major influence in my interiors.  The best part of designing interiors vs sets is the permenence, I always aim to deliver lasting, memorable interiors for my clients. 

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